Breakthrough OxyGeneo technology provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. Exfoliate, infuse, and Oxygenate your way to youthful skin. The 3-in-1 Super Facial!

Dermasweep with Epi Fusion

DermaSweep is an exceptional crystal-free resurfacing & skin clarifying procedure that gently lifts the skin surface as the device "sweeps away" the dead skin layer, resulting in a deep exfoliation and polish of your skin.

Epi-infusion combines the exfoliation with deliery of specific topical solutions. These topical solutions are formulated to treat conditions such as early aging lines, hyperpigmentation, photo damage, acne, dehydration, improve uneven skin texture and increases the blood flow and collagen formation, thus firming and toning your skin and overall skin health.
(Extractions included).

Dermasweep Deluxe

This customized package includes DermaSweep with Epi-infusion of the face, neck and decollete.
(Extractions included).

Diamondtome Microdermabrasion & Facial

The DiamondTome microdermabrasion uses a diamond-tipped wand to smooth your skin in a fast, easy, precise and pain-free way. Fine scrubbing of the wand removes the outer layer of skin, revealing a more youthful, even texture.
(Extractions included).